How come the weekend goes so fast yet schooldays drag on forebber and ebber?
Ne, it sucks.

I'm just having a normal day today.
Nothing special.
I talked to my Koki-sam again.
HER SISTER IS TEH CUTEST +squeezes to death+

I doodled a Lolita dress.
A cute gothic jumper.

Nothing else to say really. D:
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Well hey it's Megan. God of all that is alternative and awesome.
Anyway, this is my first post. +legasp+
I want to talk a little about this ahmazing fashion called Lolita.

Okay here we go!
Lolita is a beautiful japanese streeet fashion based off of trends dating back to the Rocco era.
It is so pretty and cute and delicate, something I am obviously not. :/
I am hella interested in it.
I desperately want to try Loli.
So I think (if I ever get I sewing machine) I might make a skirt.
I got a really cute blue dress today at Buffalo Exchange, though it isn't Loli. It's blue cotton with a super cute bib ruffle victiorian collar and the most awesome poofy cap sleeves! +claps+

On a different note, I talked to Koki again today. Being random is so fun! +squeal+ Koki actually squeals, while I on the other hand have hard time with it. D:

If you are interested in learning more about Lolita, visit:
It is a great site, pluusss their forum is teh sex. For reals. No lie. True story.

Comment, message, and add me!
Also I am always bored (unless I'm with my homies of course) so AIM me, my name is meganneberry. That's also my name on the Lolitafashion Forums just for the record.

Signing off now :3
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